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Monday, September 12, 2011


Delightful, Inquisitive, Engrossing, Intriguing, Impinging
Tangerine by Edward Bloor 
Published by Harcourt Brace Copyright 1997
ALA Top Ten Best Books for Young Adults & Horn Book Fanfare Book

"Paul makes a memorable protagonist in a cast if vividly drawn characters; multiple yet taut plot-lines lead to a series of gripping climaxes and revelations. readers are going tyo want more from this author." -Kirkus Reviews, Starred Review
When Paul moves to Tangerine, Florida he meets many friends and a couple enemies. One of these enemies being his brother Erik. Erik Fishers Football Dream takes family priority in the Fisher household. While his parents choose not to notice the downward spiral of Erik, Paul does but keeps it to himself. Faced with many situations and circumstances where he can step up and tell the truth, Paul decides to keep quiet. Throughout the story Paul goes through a lot, from muck fires and frost to sinkholes and death. When Paul hears about the death of Luis, he immediately knows what happened. Paul decides its time to speak up and tell the truth. Confronting his parents with the situation leads us to explore other lies deep down. What really happened that day when Paul was five, did he really stare at the eclipse? 

Reading Level: Grade 6
Suggested Delivery: Read aloud or small group read
Extras: Praise for Edward Blooms Tangerine on the first page of the book provides us with reviews from journals, magazines and more. Along with the reviews include the awards the book has received over the years.

Teachers, here are some resources that may help you teach Tangerine...
Key Vocabulary: Here are some challenging words throughout the book that you may need to teach before reading: Turpentine, Muck fire, Grove, Quonset hut, Civil Engineer, Sink hole, Restitution, Egret, Legally blind, Aneurysm, Smudge pot, Lean-to, Black jack (not the card game), IEP, Shantytown

Electronic Resources:
  • GoogleBooks: As another resource, students may use google books to read part of Bloor's story. Also a great reason they won't have an excuse for not doing homework! :]
  • AuthorSite: On the authors website you can read a summary of Tangerine and purchase it if you wish. This also includes awards this book has won. Great for before reading to capture interest because the summary does not give the book away!
  • StudyGuide: Here you can find a complete study guide for students. This includes each journal entry/chapter in the book, discussion notes, setting, character list, conflict, short story, theme, mood, biography, a multiple choice quiz with an answer page, an overall analysis of certain aspects of the book, and essay topics. Great for during reading and after reading activities.
Activities for Students:
  • Before Reading: Use questioning as an initiation to the central idea of the book:lying. Have you ever been afraid to tell the truth? Do you feel better after you tell the truth, even if its a bad thing and you get in trouble? Do you think parents should lie to their children, even if its to make them feel better? This may be a controversial discussion with differing ideas so allow students to express their feelings and disagree in a positive way.
  • During Reading: Every part should be broken up and discussed in groups of four to five students (i.e. there should be three literary discussions). There may be confusion within this book and it's beneficial for students to develop a greater understanding by discussing this with other students. Have students write down questions they have as they read, predictions they may have for the future, or anything else they found interesting.
  • After Reading: How are the characters affected by the Erik Fisher Football Dream throughout the book? Write an essay to explain your thoughts with key supportive details from the text.
 "So much happens so quickly that you are pulled right along into the story, and the engaging sports scenes highlight the personalities of the players as well as the action on the field." -The Horn Book Magazine
 Bloor, E. (20071997). Tangerine. New York: Harcourt Brace.

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